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Name:           Kaj Jensen

bulletAddress:              Kaerparken 4, DK-2800 Lyngby,  Denmark
bulletBorn:                   6 June 1950 - Alstrup, DK-7500 Holstebro
bulletCitizenship:         Danish.
bulletMaterial status:   Single.
bulletPresent position: Managing Director - Electro Light ApS
bulletB.Sc. in Applied Electronics, Aalborg 1974, from the Engineering Academy of Denmark.
bulletM.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Lyngby 1976, from the Technical University of Denmark.
bulletPh.D. from the Institute of Production Management and Industrial Engineering, the Technical University of Denmark, 1981.
bulletSenior research engineer at the Institute of Product Development, the Technical University of Denmark, 1981 - 1984.   
bulletResearch projects in my own consulting company from 1978 to present.
bulletEarly research projects as president of the Danish Amateur Radio Club in Holstebro, 1968 - 1970, and as president of the Polytechnic Radio Club Aalborg, 1970 - 1973.
bulletAgriculture:    Owner of the farm "Offersgaard" from 1977 to 1987.
bullet1985:    Full time projects in my consulting company making research in ultra violet Light and setting up production plants for electronic ballast's (electronics for controlling gas discharge lamps).
bullet1985-87:  Partner in Jensen & Silver.
bullet1989:    Founder of Electro Light ApS.
bullet1993:    Cofounder of Danish Process Light A/S.
bulletPatents:  A number of patents in the fields of "Electronic Ballast's" and "Weed by UV-Light"
bulletPrizes:    Technology Price, 100,000.- DKr, R.W. Jork´s Fond, 1981.
bulletOther:     Year 1999 selected member of  "International Who´s Who of Professionals"
bulletHobby:    Radio ( OZ4KV ) and photography.


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