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A number of electronic ballast's has been developed over the years.


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100 Watt Electronic Ballast - UL-Listed for safety

Key Benefits

bulletLarge dimming range.
bulletdimming of fluorescent lamps down to 1% light output without damaging the filaments.
bulletlamp turn on at 1% light output without flash or flicker.
bulletdimming range from 1% to 120% of normal light output.
bulletHigh energy savings.
bulletvery low ballast temperature.  The switching losses in the transistor's are very low as the resonance-mode operation of the series-parallel circuit generates an inductive load for the transistor's and the current carried by transistor's are close to zero during switching on and off - patents granted.
bulletvery low hot spot temperature on lamp nest to the filament during operation -  no blackening of the ends.
bullethigh efficiency even in dimming mode.
bulletExtension of lamp life.
bullet40% - 100% extension of lamp life due to:
bulletlow filament temperature.
bulletsoft start.
bullettwofold filtering of the high frequency output driving the lamp. 
Electronic Ballast B100small.jpg (10439 bytes)
                    30 - 50 Watt Electronic Ballast - D-Listed for safety


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